Yesterday’s intake 6/7/13

B - Vanilla overnight oats topped with banana and strawberries

S - Jordans honey and almond granola bar

L - houmous and lettuce on a wholemeal square wrap, sunbites & apple

S - Fruity bar & milka white chocolate

D - Tesco pizza, salad & corn on the cob

   - Honey, oat and banana muffin

S - 2 nairn’s mixed berry biscuits, mcvitie’s gingerbread men & blueberries

Today was good, i went out with mum to do some food shopping and we popped into New Look and i tried 3 pairs of jeans on and 2 fitted me…i finally have some skinny jeans that actually fit!!! :D Then we went to tesco and stocked up on our usual groceries, restocked some of my snacks and we found some trek flapjacks..YAY!! :P and a few new things to try :D 

Then at 3pm we had people coming over and i got a little bit anxious when i had to get my snack, but i got something simple and ate it while we were all in the kitchen chatting and i felt really relaxed about it :D for the rest of the afternoon we pretty much all stayed there and helped the family’s 7 year old boy do some jigsaws and colour etc :) when it got to about 6:30pm i was getting a bit anxious because we were only just putting the pizza in the oven so we ended up eating at about 6:50pm and then we didn’t all finish until about 7:20pm :/ our visitors brought a big chocolate cake that they’d made but when it came to time to cut it up i got a bit freaked out and just went with one of my muffins that we still have and some of the fruit salad my mum made.

They went at around 8:45 and i had my evening snack whilst watching casualty :) so overall it was a pretty good day :D