Yesterday’s fantabulous intake (13/7/13)

B - banana cocoa porridge topped with banana and granola

S - pack of nutri -grain breakfast biscuits

L - Houmous wrap, sunbites, and apple and almonds

S - Twister ice-lolly & iced caramel frappucino

D - Veggie burger and corn on the cob

   - Custard tart

S - 2 maryland ‘gooeys’, mixed berry nairn’s biscuit and some strawberries + raisins

Yesterday was amazing, had a great picnic lunch in hyde park with some of the most amazing people :) then we saw an icecream van so we obviously had to get icecream, i was so scared about the unknown calories and the fact that we hadn’t long since finished our lunch, but hey it was a recovery picnic and also something my mum had said to me on the train ride over came into my mind, so i gave it a shot and it was perfect for such a hot day then before me and mum went home we popped into starbucks and i origonally wasn’t going to have anything but i knew that truly i did want one so i did, another perfect thing because it was Boilng!

by the time our train got back to cardiff it was 7:30 so i was getting quite anxious at thing point and was actually starting to feel hungry, so we went to nando’s and by the time my food came i was ravenous, and still was after, and after my dessert but walking back to the car the fullness suddenly hit me ad i was sooo full :P then by the time we got back to the house it was almost 10 so i got my snack as quickley as possible and went to bed because i was shattered :P

Yesterday was so good, although i was getting a little panicky about dinner and supper being late it showed me that nothing bad happened because of it..yes i was pretty full when i went to bed but i woke up at 3am because of the heat and i was hungry again which is so weird) but then by the time i got up this morning i didn’t feel remotely hungry, which is annoying :/

anyway, yesterday was one of the best days i’ve had in a while :D